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About Annie

Annie is a real person, and everything in this book is true except her name (it is not really Annie) and any other names mentioned. I am also deliberately vague about where everything happens. This is to protect the anonymity of Annie and anyone else involved. This is necessary because Annie is into bondage and torture in a big way. She loves to imagine that she is kidnapped, held prisoner, tortured, and used for sex. And she really tortures herself during the fantasies. If she fantasises that someone whips her boobs, she will whip her own boobs, hard. If she imagines that someone sticks pins in her naked ass, she will really stick pins in her naked ass. If she imagines that someone keeps burning her naked pussy with a lit cigarette, she will really burn her naked pussy with a cigarette. And these are not the strongest tortures she inflicts on herself. Sometimes she gets so extreme that she needs medical attention, and a few times she has ended up in hospital.

She has converted her bedroom into a torture chamber, where she makes herself suffer. And she has spent a small fortune on torture devices. She has devices to give her electric shocks, machines that whip, beat, punch, and even kick her. She has electric 'hot pokers' designed to cause her the maximum pain without giving her burns serious enough to end up in hospital. And lots more besides.

She also likes to imagine that she is forced to have sex with her captors. For this she has a selection of blow up dolls and tailor's dummies both men and women (because she does not only imagine she has been kidnapped by cruel men, she sometimes imagines she has been kidnapped by sadistic lesbians). She also has a large collection of dildos and vibrators, including ones that actually ejaculate ( useful when she imagines she is forced to give her captor a blowjob, and made to swallow his semen). But weirdest of all she has a device like a large chastity belt with motors in it. She can fit a dildo in it, and it actually has a motor that pumps it in and out her pussy so that it really fucks her. She can also make it fuck her up the ass, or both at the same time.

Annie has written three books about her life in bondage.

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