The Cruel Torture Of Women:
Innocent women are dragged down into the Sado Slaves' Dungeon, stripped naked, tied up, and tortured in cruel and imaginative ways.

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Captive Teenage Girl In Chains

In this bondage fantasy I am a nineteen year old girl. I was actually nineteen years old when I did this bondage fantasy. I did not really do it outside, but the chains are real, I really chained myself up for the start of this bondage fantasy, and when I say I jogged, I jogged round the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am a nineteen year old girl, I was jogging home from college when three men grabbed me and took me captive. I was chained up in chains and thrown in the back of their van in bondage. They drove to a deserted piece of land, dragged me out of the van, still in chains. The piece of land was in the middle of nowhere, no one would rescue me, and chained up in bondage I could not escape.

I was forced to kneel on the ground, and still in chains they forced me to give them all blowjobs. I had to swallow every time, and they laughed at my revulsion.

When all three men had been given blowjobs by me, they made me stand up. They removed the chains, but one of them had a gun. He said "You are not chained up any more, but if you try to escape I will shoot you". I was no longer in bondage, but I was still their captive.

Another man said "We liked to watch you jog, but we would have liked to see your boobs bounce. They did not bounce because you were wearing a sports bra. Now you are our captive you must take your sports bra off and jog around so we can see your naked boobs bounce."

The man with the gun waved it at me, I was their helpless captive and would have to obey their orders. I took off my tshirt and sports bra and stood topless while they looked at my naked boobs. Then they made me jog topless around the deserted land for over an hour while they watched my naked boobs bouncing.

I was exhausted, but they would not let me rest. Instead they made me strip naked. When I was totally naked they took turns to play with my body, groping my boobs and pussy. They also made me kiss them for long periods of time.

Then they decided to fuck me.

One of them said I should be chained up again. Another said that there was no point, I was their helpless captive, I would not escape. The first man said this was correct but he wanted to chain me up so he could fuck me in bondage. The others agreed, so I was made to lie on my back on the ground while one of them got the chains. Then I was chained up in bondage again and the three men took turns to fuck me. They were not gentle, I was fucked hard, and the chains rubbed and hurt.

Then they loosened the chains, rolled me over so I was lying on my front and re-tightened the chains. So now I was face down in bondage, with my naked ass sticking up.This was because they wanted to bugger me. I was their helpless captive, chained up I could not stop them buggering me, so all three men took it in turns to ass fuck me.

Buggery hurts, and the men liked that it hurt me when they were buggering me, so they buggered me again. After the second round of ass fucking, the men took it in turns to spank me. I was spanked three times on my naked ass. As I was still chained up in bondage I could not stop them spanking me. They enjoyed hurting me.

After that they removed the chains and let me go.

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