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Chained To A Tree

Politically, Verdi (30) was a green. She loved all things alive but not human. She loved the trees, she loved the Flowers, and she loved the animals. So when the council decided to build a road through some local woodland Verdi chained herself naked to one of the trees to act as a human shield against the bulldozers.

When the demolition men arrived and found that they could not work because there was a naked woman chained to one of the trees in bondage they wondered what they could do to fill the time.

Then they realised that as there was a naked woman so conveniently chained up close to where they were, they could fill the the time by filling the woman with their semen.

So they took it in turns to fuck Verdi. Each man fucked her over and over again, so she was fucked in bondage constantly all day.

At the end of the working day the men went home and left Verdi chained naked to the tree, alone, in the cold, all night.

The following morning Verdi realised that the men would return and begin fucking her again. She could not face another day of being fucked in bondage but she did not want to let the woodland get destroyed.

Then she had an idea. She unchained herself and re chained herself facing the tree. That way she was still chained naked to the tree, so they could not destroy it, but now her pussy was against the trunk so they could not fuck her either.

However the men did not mind this, because now her cute ass was sticking out from the tree in just the right way to be buggered.

So they spent the day repeatedly fucking her up the ass.

Again they left her chained up overnight, alone. This time she decided she did not want to be fucked or buggered the following day, so she unchained herself and re chained herself kneeling down to the tree. Like that they could not get to her ass, and although they could see her pussy, it was impossible for them to bend themselves into any position that allowed them to fuck her.

But as soon as they arrived, one of the men asked her why she was doing this. He knew exactly why, but as soon as she opened her mouth to answer, he dropped his pants and forced his cock in her mouth. If she wanted him to ever take it out she had no choice but to give him a blowjob in bondage, so resignedly, she obliged.

Once he had cum in her mouth and made her swallow the semen, he removed his cock. The next man took his place, but she was not stupid. She refused to answer his questions and kept her mouth shut so that he could not put his cock in it. He was not worried, he pinched her nose so she could not breathe. She held her breath as long as possible, but eventually she had to open her mouth, and in went his cock.

He released her nose so she could breathe again, but would not remove his cock until she had given him a blowjob and swallowed her cum.

All day long the men made her give them blowjobs in bondage.

Eventually the council realised that they had paid the workmen three days wages to fuck, and were worried what a scandal would occur if the press started talking about this 'waste of state funds'. So they stopped all the road building plans, and Verdi won.

But the only reward she got for her effort was a very sore pussy and ass.

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