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Kidnapped By Ten Sadists And A Lesbian

In this fantasy I am coming home from a friends house, and I am kidnapped by ten men and a lesbian, all sadists.

(I arranged the props in my bedroom on Thursday, then went to bed as soon as I got home on Friday evening, getting up just before midnight to start the fantasy. I was going to be a prisoner all weekend, with no more sleep until Sunday night. I started almost as soon as I got up, midnight Friday. The kidnappers were imaginary, but I have a good imagination, and can really believe they are there. All the sadistic things that they did to me, I did to myself, and pretended it was them. To show you how I do it, I will tell you the fantasy, and say what I actually did in brackets, for this one only. All the other fantasies I will only explain if it is something I do not think that you can work out for yourself).

They grabbed me in the dark, and dragged me into a deserted building (I went into my bedroom), there are four men and one woman, and they tie a rope around my neck and the other end to ring in the wall (I do this to myself). They order me to strip naked, I am terrified, so I obey (I strip slowly, imagining that I am being watched by the eleven of them, and can usually feel the shame of it). First I removed my shoes and socks, stalling for time, pause, then because I have no choice I take off my blouse, (imagining their eyes on my flesh), then I remove my skirt, while they leer lustily at my legs. I wait, hoping that this is enough, but it is not, and I remove my bra, they leer at my boobs. Finally I remove my knickers, leaving me naked and vulnerable, they like that.

One by one the men spend some time fondling by boobs, then the woman does too, and I realise, to my horror, that she is a lesbian (I stand there for over an hour fondling my own boobs, imagining that it is them).

Then one of them says "her tits would look better bruised", and produces a cruel looking cane (I have the cane to hand, and pick it up). Each of them take a turn in whipping my boobs with the cane, and they go on for over an hour, it hurts a lot (I really do whip my own boobs for over an hour, and, yes, it really does hurt). By the time they stop I am in considerable pain (true).

This has got the men horny, so they make me kneel on the floor naked, in front of them and masturbate (I kneel on the floor for fifteen minutes, imagining them masturbating). When they cum, they spurt their cum in my face, and all over my body (I have a squeezy bottle full of wallpaper paste, that I squirt in my face, and all over my body). They make me kneel there for an hour, in shame, while their cum dries on me (I kneel there for an hour, the paste dries and sticks to my naked body).

Then there is an argument, the woman wants to use me to aid her masturbation, but the men want to get on with torturing me. They give in to the woman when she says that they can watch (all in my mind, obviously).

She strips naked, then while she masturbates I have to keep kissing her all over her boobs and tummy (I have a selection of inflatable dolls, and used one of these to be the lesbian).

Now the men decide they can wait no longer to torture me, they tie me up in bondage, sitting down in a chair (I sit down and tie my ankles to the chair, there is another rope tied to the top of the back of the chair that I tie to the one already round my neck, this secures me to the chair, but leaves my hands free to enact the tortures on myself)

They get out a pot of pins and begin stabbing them in my boobs, they do it slowly, with pauses between the pins, to stretch out my suffering, and they stab the whole pot of pins into me, digging them deep into my flesh. (Yes I really do do this. The pot says it contains over 100 pins, I did not count, but I think it was well over the hundred, I stuck every one of them into my boobs, and no, I did not just pierce the skin, but pushed them well in, and yes, it was agony)

They made me sit like that for an hour in agony (I sat there for an hour, and agony is not an exaggeration), every few minutes they squeezed my boobs to make it hurt more (yes, I did this, and, yes it did increase the pain). At the end of the hour pulling out the pins hurt as much as pushing them in (true).

Next one of them picked up a G clamp , forced it on my left boob, and tightened it as far as it would go, crushing my boob. Then he picked up another clamp, and did the same thing to my right boob. (Some of you may have tried this during sex play, and found that you can tighten it a bit, without it being too painful for the woman. But when I do this, I tighten the clamp as far as I can, so that it really hurts).

They made me sit like that for an hour in bondage (I sat in pain for an hour) then while the clamps were still attached, two of them picked up pliers, and viciously pinched my nipples with them, crushing them as hard as they could (I held a pair of pliers in each hand to do this). Then they twisted my nipples viciously with the pliers. With my nipples still twisted, they pulled them away from my body, stretching my boobs painfully. Then they increased my pain by wobbling them up and down. (I did all this.) While they were wobbling my boobs, one of the clamps fell of, and, as it was made of metal, it really hurt when it fell on my thigh. They laughed at this, and wobbled my other boob more viciously, to make that clamp fall of and hurt my other thigh. (This was not planned, I had intended the clamps to stay there a bit longer, but the first one fell off by accident, and really did hurt a lot when it hit my thigh on the way down, so I improvised and wobbled the other one off.)

Then they stuck fish hooks through my nipples, tied a bit of nylon to the end of each hook, and hung weights to the nylon. I had to sit like that for an hour, with them adding more weights every two minutes to increase my pain. (I did exactly that, and I always use hooks with barbs, because it hurts more.)

Finally they untied me, but they did not let me go. In the building there was a beam of wood about five foot off the floor which has been twisted so that the corner edge is pointing up, and that edge has been sharpened with a plane, so it resembles a wooden blade. They made me sit on it, with one leg on each side, so that I was sitting with the wooden blade digging into my pussy, and being forced onto it with my entire bodyweight. (This beam actually exists in my bedroom, I hired a carpenter to fit it a few years ago so that I could include this torture into my fantasy. It is an old torture, and a good one, it really hurts.) They made me sit there for an hour, and for the second half of the hour they forced me down on the beam, to increase my pain (for the second half hour I held the beam in front and behind me, and pulled myself down, to create the effect of being forced onto it, and so increase my pain).

Then while I was still on the beam they spent an hour repeatedly stabbing me in the bottom with a sewing needle (again I did this to myself, not only did I have the pain of the needle stabbing my naked buttocks over and over again for an hour, but reaching round behind myself to do this increased the pain my pussy was in on the beam).

They let me get off the beam, but only so that I could kneel naked on the floor in front of them, and give each of the men in turn a blow job. (I have a large selection of dildos (fake penises) of various sizes, and I selected ten at random to be the men. I assumed that each of my abductors would take ten to fifteen minutes to come, so I spent just over two hours kneeling on the floor sucking on these dildos).

The woman wanted the same so I had to go down on her and lick her pussy till she came (the inflatable doll again).

Next they wanted to torture my pussy, so they tied me to the bed in bondage with my legs spread wide (I tied my ankles to the bedstead, which spread my legs wide, but I did not tie my hand as I imagined my captors would, I needed my hands to torture my pussy for them)

First they got some pins, stretched out my pussy lips, and stuck the pins through them, right through and out the other side, then into the flesh of my thigh, pinning them there, so that my pussy looked like a butterfly pinned to a board (did this). Then they got a the cane, and whipped my pussy lips for an hour (did this too, although nearly half the blows missed my pussy lips and just hit my thigh).

Next they produced a pole, like a broom handle, but a lot thicker, about three inches in diameter, and covered with metal studs. They rammed this up my pussy, it really hurt, then they masturbated me with it for an hour, but it was no pleasure, only agony (I made this myself, the studs are not sharp, but it is still very painful to insert, and agony to masturbate with, particularly if you twist it as well as move it up and down, which I did).

After that came electric shock torture, one of them produced an electric torture device to use on me. (Some years ago I got a thing from a joke shop. It looks like a packet of cigarettes with one cigarette sticking out, but the cigarette is really a metal tube, and when you pull on it, it completes a circuit, and you get a painful electric shock. I adapted it so that it had a switch on the side, and when you pressed the switch, the "cigarette" was permanently live. The idea of the joke was that you only got a shocked for a fraction of a second, then dropped it, but with my adoption it could give out constant agonising shocks, without remittion. About a year later I found a guy who adjusted it even further for me. I don't know exactly what he did, but he more than tripled something, while not increasing something else, which meant it was still save to use, but over three times as painful. That is the device I was using.)

For two hours they constantly electrocuted me, running the device all over my body, but specialising in the sensitive areas, and really enjoying using it on my boobs and pussy (I electrocuted myself with it for two hours).

Finally they came to their last torture. One of them lit a candle, and I was afraid he was going to drip hot wax on me, but it was worse than that, he actually brought the candle down and ran the flame along my side, against my naked flesh. (I would always say "don't try this at home" about everything I do, but I must make a special point of that here. What I am about to describe is very dangerous, do not ever try it yourself. It has taken me several years to get to the point where I can inflict the maximum amount of pain on myself without any damage. In the process of getting to this point I have several times given myself dangerous burns, a few needed medical attention, and once I ended up in hospital. Even now, although I rarely cause myself burns, it does sometimes happen.)

He ran the candle up and down my side, across my tummy, and up and down my legs and arms. This went on for half an hour. Then he started on my boobs. First he ran the flame backwards and forwards across my boobs while I was lying down. Then he made me sit up and spent some time running the flame backwards and forwards under my boobs. Finally he held the flame against each nipple in turn for a few seconds (not only painful, but dangerous and stupid).

Next he started work on my pussy, running the flame over my still pinned out pussy lips over and over again, before finally making me hold my pussy open with one hand, so he could run the candle in and out of it.

The torture was over, but as I was already tied to the bed, they decided to spend the rest of the night fucking me in bondage.

They took it in turns, and when the last one finished, the first one came back again, over and over again, for more than ten hours. The only time they stopped was when the woman wanted me to eat her. (I used the dildos (fake penises), one after the other, over and over again from just after midnight to eleven in the morning. Occasionally stopping to give oral sex to the inflatable doll. Originally I wanted the men (dildos) to fuck me without stop, and have to go down on the doll at the same time, but I did not have the strength in my arm to use the dildos solidly for ten hours without a break).

They were tired, and stopped using me then, they did not untie me, but left me tied to the bed, and I realised they were going to keep me their prisoner, constantly torturing and fucking me until I died. (I often like to end my fantasies with myself as a permanent prisoner, and I try to feel the despair. Obviously I do not leave myself tied up "forever", but I usually stay there for at least an hour, imagining I am going to be there for the rest of my life. If possible I lie there for hours, so that I am really bored and fed up, to give myself the real feeling of being a prisoner. That weekend I left myself tied to the bed all Sunday and right through the night. About mid day I pooped myself, and earlier (during the torture) I had wet myself, but I made myself sleep in it, not cleaning it, or myself, up until the morning, when I had to get ready for work.

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