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Lesbian Sex Slave

Although this one sounds as though everyone is playing themselves, the scenario is as set up as the rest. Romney did really take Shirley's money, but she did not actually need it. Although not rich, she is not so poor as to have to do this sort of thing. None of the free members get paid (that would be illegal), they do it because they enjoy extreme suffering.

Shirley spent the scenario imagining that Romney was a straight woman forced to be a lesbian. However Romney is a lesbian too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Romney (28) knocked on Shirley's door. Shirley opened it and asked "Are you Romney?" She nodded 'yes'. Shirley let her in and handed her an envelope. It contained money. Not much. Less than two hours wages at minimum wage. But Romney was desperate. She needed the money. So for this slim envelope containing less money than one theatre ticket would cost, she had sold herself as a lesbian bondage slave.

Fully dressed Shirley came up behind Romney. She just grabbed Romney's hips and pulled her backwards so that they were standing with Romney's buttocks resting against Shirley's pussy. Romney was made to stand still while Shirley rubbed her pussy against Romney's arse to get herself hot. She could have done this until she got an orgasm, but she did not. Shirley wanted to tease herself first, to enjoy Romney until she was so turned on by Romney's humiliation that she could cum over and over again. And each time would be a deep orgasm, highly satisfying. I think I'd call it trantric lesbian sadism.

Before Shirley finally allowed herself to orgasm Romney would suffer pain. Shirley would torture the lesbian bondage slave that she had just bought for the evening. She would torture her until she screamed and begged for mercy. But there would be no mercy. Romany had taken Shirley's money, and now she had no choice but to suffer whatever cruel torture the sadistic woman enjoyed inflicting on her. And Shirley's pleasures would be cruel indeed.

But that was later. First Shirley wanted to humiliate Romney. She wanted Romney to feel the shame she deserved to feel for selling herself for money.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rubbing her pussy against Romney's buttocks had only been the first humiliation. And although it embarrassed Romney, it was one of the mildest. There was worse to come, much worse.

She made Romney kneel on the floor in the middle of the room, about six foot from where Shirley sat watching her. Then she made Romney strip to the waist, displaying her tits to Shirley. Romney's tits were not small, but they were not enormous. What I would call "a nice size". But Shirley laughed at them, told her that they were unattractive, told her that it was no wonder that she had to sell herself so cheaply. Who would pay more for tits like that?

Then she made Romney fondle and play with her own tits while she watched her debasing herself.

After a while Shirley made Romney crawl on her knees across the floor to her. Then when she was kneeling in front of Shirley, Romney was ordered to open the buttons on Shirley's blouse. She did as she was told. Shirley was not wearing a bra, so this made her tits naked. Romney then had to press her own tits against Shirley's tits and rub them together until it made Shirley's nipples hard. This did not take long, but Shirley made Romney continue because she enjoyed the sensation.

Eventually she let Romney stop, the friction was beginning to move from pleasant to unpleasant. Instead she made Romney kiss and lick her nipples.

Being forced to arouse Shirley like this was one form of humiliation, but Shirley decided that public humiliation for Romney would be more fun. She made Romney open the window and lean out. Romney was still topless and she had to let her naked tits dangle as she hung out of the window so that everyone passing by could gawk at them.

(The room was at the front of De Sade Hall. De Sade Hall is in it's own grounds which are, for obvious reasons, well fenced in so cannot be easily seen from the street [although I am prepared to bet a lot of locals own telescopes, and a that most of the local adolescents know trees they can climb to see over the fence, or places where there are knot holes in the fence to look through]. However this was Saturday morning. Members who stayed the night before would be leaving, members who were staying for the day or weekend would be arriving, and members staying longer would be coming in or going out of the Hall. There would be plenty of people there to see Romney hanging topless out of the window, letting her tits dangle for them to gawk at.)

Looking out of the room's other window, Shirley realised that less that half the passers by looked up, and did not see Romney humiliating herself. So as people passed under the window Shirley made Romney yell at them "Look at me, I'm a whore."

Once Shirley felt that Romney had been humiliated enough like this, she let her stick her head back in. Then she made her strip totally naked.

She then made Romney stand in the window so that her pussy was visible to all, and scream "Look at my cunt, look at my cunt. Isn't it the biggest, loosest, most fucked cunt you have ever seen? I have had an army of men up there. You could fit your head up my cunt it is so loose. And if you did, you could yell 'hello' and hear an echo."

Eventually she let Romney stop this. Instead she made her kneel in the middle of the room and masturbate herself, as a private sex show for Shirley.

While Romney's fingers were still sticky with her own sex juices, Shirley lifted her skirt, dropped her knickers and made Romney finger fuck her. She made Romney stop just before she came. She still wanted to save that for later.

Then it was back to public humiliation. Romney was made to run naked round the grounds of the Hall, and when she spotted someone who was not doing anything in particular, run up to them and say "Hi, I am a well fucked whore, look how loose my cunt is." Then she had to kneel on the ground and fist herself in front of them.

Shirley was following and watching Romney insult and humiliate herself with this act, and Shirley was getting very turned on by it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Romney's humiliation went on all morning. Before lunch Shirley told Romney "Good news - your humiliation is over. Bad news - after lunch I'll begin torturing you.

Romney was locked in the room to contemplate the coming torture, while Shirley ate lunch in the dining room.

* * * * * * * * * *

After a satisfying lunch, Shirley returned to the room and asked Romney "Are you ready to be tortured for my amusement?" Nervously Romney nodded 'yes', but Shirley continued "Well hard luck. I got so turned on thinking about torturing you over lunch that I want your body first."

After spending a while fondling and kissing Romney's naked body Shirley herself stripped naked. Then she got on the bed with Romney and made Romney kiss her all over while masturbating her with her fingers. Every time Shirley got close to an orgasm she made Romney stop. Then once she had cooled down a bit and got control of her body she made Romney start again. They went on like this for a couple of hours, Romney repeatedly bringing Shirley to the edge of orgasm then stopping. At this point it was questionable who was torturing who. But Shirley loved it, being brought to the peek of sexual ecstasy, so close to orgasm that she could only just hold off, then stop, cool down, and start again.

Shirley would have happily gone on like this all day. But it was getting to the point that she could not cool down enough. Romney's fingers were bringing her to the edge of orgasm within minutes, and she was no longer certain that she would be able to stop herself cumming.

And she so wanted to torture Romney's naked flesh before she let herself orgasm. So eventually, regretfully, she stopped Romney pleasuring her and said "Time for you to suffer some pain now. I think I'll remain naked while I torture you. I am too horny to put on clothes, and I think it will turn me on more if we are both naked when I make you suffer."

* * * * * * * * * *

To start with Shirley tied Romney naked to the bed. It was a simple, basic X shape type bondage, arms and legs spread wide, but it restrained her nicely. Her first torture was a simple, basic torture too. But being simple and basic did not stop it hurting Romney. Pain is pain however imaginative, or unimaginative, the torture is. And as they say, the old ways are often the best ways.

Shirley started by simply whipping Romney's naked tits with a trouser belt. The belt was doubled over so that Shirley could only whip one tit at a time, but it hurt more like that. And she alternated breasts, hitting one then the other, over and over again. Whipping them viciously and painfully. Causing Romney to yell out in agony, and eventually begin sobbing.

Talking about this beating, and how her aim was to hit Romney as hard as possible, causing her as much pain as possible, Shirley explained something to me that has been puzzling me about the members of the Hall in particular, and people in the S&M scene in general.

Often the sadist appears not to just be trying to hurt his/her victim, but to hurt them as badly as possible. Sometimes it goes beyond S&M play, and inflicting extreme pain appears to be more important than actually getting any sexual pleasure. Shirley explained that the pleasure she got was not from actually hurting Romney, but from a sense of 'control'. Romney was her prisoner, and she was turned on by making Romney do things that she did not want to do, and by doing things to Romney that she could not stand. But Romney herself was a submissive, so were all 'free' members of the Hall. She wanted to be hurt, to be tortured. So Shirley was not getting what she wanted out of the deal. The solution was to try to hurt Romney beyond what she enjoyed, to really torture her more than she could stand.

It was a little while back that I spoke to Shirley and Romney, and got the details of this event. Long enough ago for me to ask a few other sadists at the Hall (and other places) if they felt the same, but not long enough ago for me to ask enough people to get a definite answer. From those I have asked, the majority say that, yes, that is how they feel, and a few others said words to the effect of "I have never thought about it, you are probably correct, but if so I do it subconsciously." I'll return to the subject in a future book (assuming I don't forget), but for the moment I'll say it is probably true, pending further interviews.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once Romney's tits were as sore as possible, and the blows were not as effective as they had been to begin with, Shirley shifted target and began whipping Romney's pussy. With Romney's legs spread wide, Shirley could whip her hard, right across her cunt, and enjoyed torturing her like that for some time.

Shirley stopped when her arm ached too much to continue. Romney was still sobbing from the pain and Shirley tried standing over her and masturbating herself at the sight of the helpless naked girl, bound and sobbing in agony. But as soon as she touched herself, Shirley realised that she was too turned on to control herself, and would cum quickly. So Shirley resigned herself to fondling Romney's well beaten, and still sore breasts.

The next torture that Romney had to suffer may not seem like a torture to some of you, but believe me it is. While Romney was tied helpless to the bed, Shirley began tickling her naked body. If you are not ticklish, this may just seem like a bit of fun, but to people like Romney who are very sensitive, it is hell. I know. I used to be very ticklish when I was younger, and if I had a secret that I so badly wanted to keep that you could not even torture it out of me with hot irons on my testicles, a few minutes of tickling would have got me talking. Possibly only a few seconds of tickling.

Shirley started by tickling Romney's feet, then her armpits, then her sides, then back to her feet. Round and round, over and over again.

It was not long before Romney was begging Shirley to stop. However it sounded to Shirley like Romney really meant it (and she did). Remember what we were talking about earlier about sadists like Shirley wanting to go beyond their victim's comfort zone? Well, do you thing Shirley stopped?

Hell no.

In fact Romney's begging her to stop made Shirley continue tickling her even longer than she had intended to tickle her.

For the more sensible among you: Yes you are correct, in 'safe' bondage play you should always have a 'stop word', something you can say to make the 'master' stop. And Romney did have a 'stop word', a word she could say to make Shirley stop tickling her. But like most 'free' members of the Hall (and many other subs) she only wanted to use it if she was in imminent danger of death or serious injury. Part of the 'fun' of being the victim is that you let the other person have total control over you, put yourself in a position where they can do whatever they like to you. So if you use the 'stop word' just because you do not like what is happening to you, you loose that sense of 'having no control'. Not just in that session, but forever. Because in future you will always know that you can end the suffering. Because of this many subs will only use their 'stop word' in the direst of emergency. If they have to occasionally suffer more than they like, then that is a price they have to pay. Begging your tormentor to stop, and hoping that they will have mercy on you is OK, because they may not (and Shirley did not). But actually making them stop ruins your sex play forever.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next torture that Romney had to suffer was an extremely painful one. But Romney did not mind, any level of agony was better than being tickled for ages without stop.

Shirley got out a packet of sterile pins. Then one by one she slowly stuck them into the bruised and sore flesh of Romney's tits. She stuck each pin right in, and did it slowly to maximise Romney's suffering. By the time she had finished there were several dozen pins in each of Romney's tits.

Then Shirley lit a candle and dripped hot wax on Romney's tits. Letting it both roast them and seal in the pins. This would have been painful in itself, but remember, Romney's tits were already sore and bruised from the beating, so it hurt her even more.

Once Romney's tits were covered in hot wax, and dripping more just thickened the coating and did not hurt her any more, Shirley blew out the candle and let the wax harden on Romney's tits, trapping the pins in there.

Then she untied Romney, made her roll over, and tied her up again lying on her front on the bed. This meant she was putting some of her weight on her tits, forcing the pins into her tender tit flesh, and hurting her even more.

But that was not all the torture that Shirley had in store for Romney. She got out the belt and whipped her back. The blows were hard, and hurt. But they also drove Romney's upper body into the bed, forcing the pins into the already tortured flesh of her tits. Romney screamed in pain, and sobbed from the agony, but still Shirley whipped her.

When Shirley's arm began to ache, she stopped. But Romney did not stop crying. To make her suffer even more Shirley sat on the bed, on Romney's shoulder blades. This forced Romney's tits into the bed with Shirley's full weight, really driving the pins in, it was agony for Romney.

To make her suffer even worse, Shirley rammed her hand up Romney's arse and fisted her anally.

A vaginal fisting can hurt if you are not used to it. But the vagina is designed to stretch even wider than that to allow a baby out. But the asshole is not. It is designed to let out a turd, maybe a bit over an inch in diameter at most, and usually reasonably soft. It is not designed for something the size of a large boney hand. Particularly a hand in the form of a clenched fist. Romney screamed in agony at this new torture. So Shirley sat there for ages, forcing her tits into the bed with her weight, to force the pins into her tit flesh, and twisting her fist about on Romney's anus to make her scream.

Finally Shirley removed her fist, and climbed off her victim. Then she untied Romney.

Romney was made to remove the wax and pins from her tits herself. Under normal circumstances removing the wax would be painful, and removing the pins would be agony. But Romney's tits were so sore and bruised that removing the wax was agony, and removing the pins was indescribable.

To make the torture worse, Romney was ordered to remove the wax and pins slowly. Shirley threatened to re-insert the pins if she removed them too quickly. But this threat was unnecessary. Romney was a good slave, and if she was ordered to do something slowly to maximise her pain, then she would make herself suffer more by doing it slowly. She even felt a little insulted that Shirley thought the threat was necessary (Shirley did not actually think the threat was needed to force Romney to obey, she just enjoyed threatening Romney).

* * * * * * * * * *

The good news for Romney was that Shirley could no longer stand the self torture of being continually horny, but getting no orgasm. So she declared the torture over, and told Romney to 'get ready to satisfy her'.

It was fairly late in the evening by then, but that did not worry Shirley. She had Romney until morning, a whole night of forced lesbian sex and orgasms.

The first came as they were kissing, and Romney was massaging her clitoris with her fingers. After a day of constant horniness it was as good as Shirley had hoped. And it was followed immediately by a second, then third, orgasm.

Many women would have been satisfied with that. But not Shirley. She had Romney all night, and she had an entire day's worth of horniness to use up on Romney's submissive naked body. Whatever Shirley ordered, Romney did. And she made her use her fingers, her tongue, a strap on, and several dildos and vibrators to give Shirley orgasm after orgasm. All through the night.

In the morning, when Shirley finally let her go, Romney was still sore, and exhausted from repeatedly servicing Shirley.

But she was nowhere near as exhausted as Shirley was from being serviced.

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