The sex slave's nightmare. Made to kneel in the middle of a pile of canes, whips, floggers, and beaters and wait for her Master to choose which one he will use to punish her!

Ah, he has chosen. A multi-headed cane. A sort of cane version of the "cat of nine tails". He is going to whip her tits with it.

Imagine her pain. Each blow across her tits is like nine blows. Her punishment will be nine times as painful. She will cry, she will scream, she will beg for mercy. But her master will continue punishing her. Not because she is naughty, but because he enjoys punishing her. She is his property, if he wants to punish her, she will be punished.

And afterward he has all sorts of other cruel ways to torture his sex slave.

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Woman Slaves At De Sade Hall

It used to be the manor house on a farm. Then it became a hotel. As a hotel it changed hands and the new owner intended to keep the manor house as a hotel and develop the land, build houses on it etc.. He could not get the necessary permits to build and sold it to the present owners. Some say that he knew exactly who he was selling it to, and what they were going to do with it, and that he sold it to them for revenge over not getting the permits he wanted. He denies this, but I bet the story helped him get permits on his later projects.

The new owners consisted of four people. One guy who likes to remain in the background a sleeping partner who is in it only for the money, a second guy who runs by an ordinary name, so I'll call him Bob. And a married couple who like to call themselves The Count and The Countess. These are not genuine titles they deserve, but mantles they took apron themselves. The fact that they wear long dark opera cloaks and paid a dentist to fit them with permanent false fangs will give you some idea exactly which 'count' they style themselves on.

The new owners applied to convert the hotel into a private club. It would remain as a hotel, but only for members not the public. Permission was readily granted, they probably saw it as a step up the social ladder for the area. And as they were going to keep the farm land "unfarmed, but tended, for the pleasure of members and their guests" that satisfied those who did not want the land built on.

But I guess they should have asked what sort of club it would be.

And what sort of people the members would be.

The 'silent partner' was only there for the money, but Bob, The Count and The Countess intended it to be as much pleasure as business. The hotel would continue as a hotel but all guests would be people interested in B.D.S.M..

Originally the new owners were going to hire prostitutes as 'slaves', to take part in whatever sadistic fantasy the member's wanted, but they soon found that there were plenty of submissive women who were not only prepared to be tied up, tortured, and used as a sex toy, they actually wanted to be tied up, tortured, and used as a sex toy.

At first the club was run like a sort of "swingers" club, with members coming along and pairing up for their kinky B.D.S.M. games. But the problem with that was that the number of women who wanted to join as 'victims' were vastly outnumbered by the number of members who were sadists. The situation was helped somewhat when the owners started only charging the Doms and Dommes, and let the Subs join and attend for free. But there were still a hell of a lot of D.s to every S..

Their final solution was to arrange 'gang bangs'. The members would decide on a scenario, then a woman (or sometimes several women) were asked to volunteer as a victim. The women were only given a rough outline of the scenario (eg "You will be the daughter of a rich man, but a bitch to the servants. When your father goes away the staff decide to teach you a lesson") but when they joined all women filled in a form saying exactly how far they were prepared to go, and how much they were prepared to suffer, so the owners who knew how extreme the scenario was going to get, would ensure that only women whose limits encompassed the extremes that particular scenario would extend to, were invited to join that scenario. They still kept the "one on one" type of scenario, where individual paying members "used" individual non paying members (or groups), but since these work out a lot more expensive for the paying members the arranged gang bang type events proved popular enough to reduce their demand on "victims" to make the model workable.

Although most of the scenarios are now submitted to Bob, The Count, or The countess for them to find a suitable woman for the members to abuse, the swingers type evenings still happen occasionally. But as a rule the members prefer the new system of getting one of the owners to pick their victims. This is because Bob, The Count, or The countess are the only people they have to tell their scenario to in advance - they then sort out free member(s) who they know from their records will be happy with everything that the paying member(s) want to do to her. Then the victim only has to be told who she is, and where the scenario is supposed to take place. (EG "You are called Alica, you are the daughter of a lord. He is a good man, but you are a stuck up bitch. The servants at the manor house love your father, but hate you. you take every opportunity to insult and belittle the servants and make them aware that you are higher born than them. At the start you are in bed, your father had to leave the house on business so you wake up at your usual mid morning time and summon the butler to get your breakfast.") If they meet their victim at a swingers type evening, they have to explain everything that is going to happen to her in advance so she can decide if she is prepared to participate (the members obviously do not have access to other member's files) and most of them consider it a lot more fun if it all comes as a nasty surprise for their victims.

As well as rooms for the guests, the hall has a bar, a large dining hall, a small hall with a stage, a couple of large rooms that used to be used as 'conference rooms', and an enormous cellar that has been split into two, and was originally used for storage. All these can be pre-booked by the members to use in their scenarios. Also, although the bedrooms are used mostly for members to stay in overnight, some are often used in the scenario, mostly the large ones ('family rooms' when it was just a hotel). And there are also three suites that get used more for scenarios than to house guests. In addition to this the building has extensive stables with stable yard, two barns, a pigsty, a large wire pen that was used for chickens, and several other outhouses and dilapidated caravans from when it was a working farm. And of course their are fields, a patch of woodland, even a stream that at it's widest point can just about be used as a river, and a large pond that gets called a 'lake' in some scenarios. On top of this, a few rooms were converted into permanent sets (cells etc.). All these areas are used by the members. In the case of the buildings the members have to book them in advance. With the fields, woods, stream, and pond they can book an area and make it "exclusive" to them for a while, or they can just use it alongside other members. Any area that has not been booked for temporary exclusive use for a member can be used by anyone, so outdoor areas often have several things going on at once. Of course the members have to pay for whatever areas they use. De Sade Hall is very profitable.

Although the hall never bothered to get permission to build new buildings, it does have various props scattered about the grounds, such as several 'whipping posts, stocks, a line of upright fence posts of different heights (for "impaling" victims on, either by ass or pussy) etc. They even have a working replica of a medieval ducking stool that can be trundled up to the pond/lake. These can be used by the members, but have to be paid for. As I said, De Sade Hall is very profitable.

And of course they have an amazing collection of chains, ropes, whips, and assorted torture instruments.

Nowadays they have an enormous membership, and there is a long waiting list (which is why they requested I did not use the real name of the hall, they did not want a rush of new applicants trying to join after reading this book, they are in the enviable situation all businesses want: more customers than they can handle). At weekends there are usually several scenarios going on at once in various parts of the hall, and on weekdays always at least one, sometimes two or three. Most are 'gang bang' type scenarios, but a few are still "one on one". Also members often use the hall simply as a place to socialise with other members. Those who live close just visit the bar, but those who live further away often book a room overnight to stay. Since most of the outdoor parts of the scenarios are done without booking an exclusive area, members also come down in the hope of watching some other member's scenario. This is usually good for the member whose scenario it is, because it adds public humiliation to their victims suffering. (EG.If a scenario involves the victim being dragged down to the lake, being forced to strip naked, then put in the ducking stool and dunked in the water as a punishment, it works a lot better if there is a crowd of "villagers" watching.) Most days the number of members using the bar and renting rooms just for the atmosphere is greater that the number involved in a scenario. And in the summer plenty of members use the hall just for a holiday. A week or two spent among like minded people, some of it watching the other member's sadistic games outdoors. I am told that in the summer the banks of the pond often get as buisy as a holiday beach. Oh yes, De Sade Hall is very profitable.

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